The NESKORENI program is a complex of measures aimed at the psychological rehabilitation and social adaptation of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The program takes place on the basis of the medical and recreational complex "OTAMAN", which is located in the suburbs of Lviv. Here is everything you need to implement the program:

  • Medical examination rooms and comfortable premises for working with psychologists;
  • Massage rooms and press therapy room;
  • Balneological bath and jacuzzi;
  • Hammam, bath and salt room with infrared treatment panels;
  • Gymnasium and halls for physical rehabilitation;
  • An outdoor swimming pool and a playground for sports games in the yard;
  • A large closed area for walking;
  • Modern hotel, restaurant and phytobar.

Why is the NESKORENI program important?

War is the most difficult period in the life of every person. It radically changes the consciousness and social self-determination of people who face death, torture, destruction, and fear directly. Post-traumatic syndrome in such situations is a completely normal reaction to experienced events. And if in a state of constant stress it is most often not detected, then from the moment of entering into a normal life atmosphere, the body vividly reminds of transferred fears.

There is no full-scale and correct psychological rehabilitation of soldiers in Ukraine today. Currently, state psychological assistance for veterans of the Armed Forces is provided in two variants:

  • in a military hospital in case of injury;
  • through a family doctor, who will give a referral to a psychologist.

Therefore, thousands of soldiers return to peaceful life without an adaptation period - after the horrors experienced, with a broken psyche, nightmares and the inability to continue normal life, and often their stories end with complete disappointment in everything that is happening around them. As a result, there are many fighters with a broken psyche, no desire to live and return to normal life and society.

Who do we work for?

Participants of the program are demobilized servicemen, as well as those who are on rotation or temporarily suspended and who have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder:

  • Regular memories of the traumatic event, which often occur as flashbacks;
  • Hyperarousal, sleep problems;
  • Night terrors, often associated with a traumatic situation;
  • Memory impairment;
  • Alienation from other people, even relatives and friends.

An additional advantage is given to those who have:

  • There was already an experience of a traumatic event;
  • The trauma is related to the death of relatives, the death of a large number of people, or if it caused serious changes in life;
  • A person has no relatives with whom he can share his experiences.

"NESTOKRENI" program

provides for a 14-day rehabilitation course in which a team of psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other specialists who know how to help in the most difficult situations caused by war work with the victims.

50-60 people take the program at the same time.

A comprehensive approach is required for the psychological recovery of the military, during two weeks we work in two main directions.

First of all, this is psychotherapy, which can be both group and individual. It includes the use of various techniques:

  • Psychological debriefing intervention, in other words, is a detailed discussion of a traumatic event;
  • Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy;
  • Development of stress management skills and their improvement;
  • Desensitization and reprocessalization of eye movement (EMDR), etc.;
  • Resource psychotherapy.

If necessary, the psychiatrist can also prescribe drug therapy. An equally important direction is therapy aimed at relaxation and stress relief from the body, this includes a huge range of activities, a separate complex is created for each participant. Activities that can be included in the program: art therapy, sports games, sports, walks, massages, relaxation in the spa, visiting the pool, classes on musical instruments, pottery, meditation, pilates, conversations with a spiritual mentor, board games, other . We must restore the psychological health of our heroes, those who protected our lives and our children and remained unconquered.