Recovery Camp

Free family camps for psycho-emotional rehabilitation of children and mothers affected by the war.
April 2022
start of the project
held camps
mothers and children received help
hours of work in a group of psychologists with mothers


This is a unique and almost the only method that allows to attract such a large number of mothers and children to work with psychologists, to immerse them as much as possible in the process of psycho-emotional rehabilitation.



One-day camps - at a recreation center near Lviv or outings in the Carpathians.

Our participants are children and mothers of IDPs from Lviv and the region. Here, for one day, we bring back a happy, carefree childhood to children. Mothers receive crisis psychological support.

The average number of participants is 80 people


6 days (children with mothers or only children, 10+) take place in the recreation complex within the city.

Our participants are children and mothers who live in the territories where hostilities have been or are currently being waged. As well as IDPs with difficult family circumstances.

During the camp, children and mothers have the opportunity to distract themselves from the difficult reality and fully immerse themselves in the process of psycho-emotional rehabilitation. A team of highly qualified psychologists, sports trainers, animators, and art therapy specialists works with the participants. Also, their psycho-emotional state is positively influenced by comfortable living conditions and healthy, balanced nutrition.

The average number of participants is 75 people

RECOVERY Family 14

The participants of this camp are children and mothers who lost a father/husband in the war.

The purpose of the program: stabilization of the psycho-emotional state of the participants, prevention of the development of complicated grief, PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, etc., development of stress resistance/resilience.

The program provides specialized psychotherapeutic assistance, which belongs to the highest level of interventions in the field of mental health.

The average number of participants is 60 people


Program 1

Organization of free time for children and parents from the best animators

Program 2

Group and individual classes with psychologists

Program 3

Art therapy classes

Program 4

Educational games

Program 5

Yoga and Pilates classes

Program 6

Meetings with interesting people: singers, athletes, coaches, writers

Program 7

Sports and entertainment games

Program 8

Physical rehabilitation



  • To restore the positive emotional state of the mother and child
  • Involve parents in group and individual work with psychologists
  • Provide mothers with psychological crisis support
  • To create new useful communications between mothers and children
  • For one day, give children back the feeling of a carefree childhood
  • To identify those families who are in dire need of further systemic psychological assistance


  • Give women the opportunity to rest, feel joy, see happy children, abstract from problems, find time for their mental and physical health
  • To bring children joy, happiness, a sense of security and safety
  • To teach mothers to find a resource for further life and adaptation in a new place
  • To conduct a comprehensive program of crisis psychological assistance for mothers and adolescents
  • Teach mothers how to provide proper emotional and psychological support to themselves and their children
  • Thanks to body-oriented exercises and healthy nutrition, motivate women to remember love for themselves, their bodies

RECOVERY Family 14

  • To undergo complex psycho-emotional rehabilitation as a whole family, to abstract from problems, to find time for your mental and physical health
  • Ensure the process of resocialization of participants
  • Introduce the participants to a course of long-term psychotherapy, which will continue even after the end of the camp
  • To conduct a comprehensive program of crisis psychological assistance for mothers and adolescents
  • Partially restore the participants' physical health
  • To give psychological resources and strength for life in difficult circumstances


Each camp is supported by a separate foundation/organization
All partners have access to the online participant survey
Approximately 45% of participants at the camp get their first experience working with a psychologist
About 20% of families continue to work with a psychologist after the camp
The program of psycho-emotional assistance was developed by leading certified psychologists of Ukraine
Most Ukrainian families experience positive changes in their lives after participating in the camp


One of the most important tasks in the camps is to identify children and mothers who are in dire need of receiving further psychological help.
  • All animators who work with children undergo training on how to behave with children who have experienced stress and what signs indicate a child's psychological crisis state
  • Psychologist (by a special protocol) conducts interviews with children who have signs of this condition and record their recommendations
  • Psychologists who conduct group and individual sessions with mothers form a list of those mothers who, in their opinion, urgently need further psychological help
Project participants Recovery Camp, in which the need for further work with psychologists has been identified, are directed to psychologists and psychotherapists of another project of our foundation - There they continue to receive free psychological help.


Start the implementation of the "Recovery camp" project in all regional centers of Ukraine

To provide at least 3,000 people (at the heart of mothers and children)

Increase the number of participants to 300 in one race

Organize rest camps for mothers and children in other countries


Maryana Yanishivska
Director of the organization
Khrystyna Dudashvili
"Recovery Camp" project coordinator
Andrii Zibran
Development Director
Ruslana Hrushetska
finance manager


+38 (068) 370 66 67


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