In such a difficult time, there is a place where you can forget about the bad, where you can see sincere smiles and laughter of our children, fun dances and cool entertainment. This is a place where you want to come back again. We sincerely thank all the organizers, volunteers, animators for your work, for your care, kindness, for the happy eyes of our children, and for the good mood. The daughter is happy, she keeps the bracelet from the camp like the most valuable treasure. Thank you.
I want to express my sincere thanks for the excellent organization and rich, meaningful vacation. days are remembered for a lifetime. Cool emotions, new acquaintances and a sea of impressions! The children received a charge of positivity, energy, skills, knowledge and bright emotions, new acquaintances, and some even met their first love) Every day at the camp was different from the other. We left with the best emotions and tears in our eyes) Keep it up! You are doing incredible in such a difficult time for everyone! Special thanks to the animators, you were able to make the children fall in love with you from the first day. Thank you very much for everything!
Many thanks for the wonderful rest and mood of our children.
We are already home! Many thanks to the organizers and animators! days! We were happy and comfortable with you! I hope we will meet again!
Thank you very much for your vacation, for your attention and concern for us. We really liked it!!! Thank you for the wonderful atmosphere, good and positive emotions, new impressions!!! Peace and harmony in our country. thank you
Thank you very much, great organization!!!!
Huge gratitude for such a wonderful vacation for our children! Daughter is delighted! The camp team is just great!
Just got back from camp. I want to thank your entire team for their care, kindness, good mood, for the opportunity to visit the Carpathians and for the wonderful comedian brothers! Thanks, it was fun as always!
Thank you very much for the camp. It was Alina's first camp experience. She is satisfied, and that's the main thing, positive emotions are important now. Your team is incredible, the children were always busy, it's just great!!!
Many thanks for organizing the camp for teenagers. Nastya returned happy, with a lot of impressions and stories.
Thank you for the huge positive emotions that the children received in such a short period of time.
I sincerely thank the organizers of the fund and the executors of this project from beginning to end! Marianna, thank you very much for the administrative work, every evening my child and I knew what would happen the next day, and it gave us confidence! Low bow to the animators! I had already forgotten that my child spent ALL his time with great pleasure from early morning to late evening! Separately, I want to write for the organization of the Talent Competition! I liked the work of Victor, who quickly reacted to the mood of the unsurpassed host Vitaliy and the performances of the children, switched this music, and the concert took place in constant drive. At this concert, I was delighted with the talents of the children and their mothers!!! This vacation will remain a pleasant memory for me and my child, regardless of the air alarm or power outages!!!! Thank you very much again! Right now, positive emotions and smiles, which the camp animators give every day, are very important for our children! Thank you for this opportunity in a difficult time for all of us!
Thank you for such a warm welcome, I haven't laughed so sincerely for a long time, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the happy eyes of the children, for all the fun and entertainment, for making you forget about what's around you for a while. I wish only good, active changes, inspiration, positivity to do your good work.
Thank you to everyone who spent this incredible vacation with our children. We are still on the way home, the child tells, tells, tells. Emotions are very cool!
Thank you all for a wonderful vacation, for loving us. You are incredible!!!! Faster victory, peace and happiness!!!! I don't want to leave, everything is like home))))
Dear organizers, volunteers, animators, hotel and restaurant staff, WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU FOR THIS INCREDIBLE WEEK! You delight children and adults! You are PEOPLE with big hearts! Let all the good come back to you a hundredfold! Today, our Ukraine depends on people like YOU! THANK YOU! And Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her brave WARRIORS! day camp format again!!! Thanks to all the animators (Viktor, Vitalik, Rostyk, Yuli, Khrystyna, Iryna!) I also want to thank the organizer (Maryana). And in general the entire Recovery team!!
We are also at home! Thank you all!!! It was an incredible vacation! Many thanks to the organizers, animators, psychologists, trainers and everyone involved! Thank you mom, you are wonderful and positive! I felt crazy love and support! This is exactly the reboot that was so necessary at this difficult time in our lives! Thanks for the children's smiles! I wish everyone victory and peace!!! Everything will be Ukraine!!!
Thank you all so much!) I liked everything, my daughter is delighted and already misses everyone. You are incredible!!!
Thank you very much for the sea of emotions, positivity, joy and communication!!! We wish everyone good health and peace!
I express my huge gratitude to the entire team of the camp! and moms got a complete reboot! Special thanks to psychologists and girls! Your work is priceless right now!!!